E-Booklet Educational Platform

An integrated educational platform for schools and all types of educational institutions. It includes LMS and SMS systems. And available as a website and mobile app.

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We take care of our product for more service-rich

E-booklet is one of the finest LMS in its category with high-end service-rich possibilities.


Students Accounts

Enable them to learn anytime and anywhere. Since, provide them with limitless chances to learn, review and practice. Add to that, giving them feedback and encouraging them to learn by using many tools as a Top 10 competition.


Teachers Accounts

Includes 4 parts: Firstly: live sessions, secondly: the curriculum with lessons videos and exercises, thirdly: homework. While the last part is: tests with students’ reports.


Supervisors Accounts

Provide them with many tools to handle their daily tasks from approving the educational content to join teachers’ live sessions, notice students’ exercises, homework and tests. Besides giving them gradual reports for students with the ability to search easily and share or download reports in many forms.


Parents Accounts

Enable them to know their childrens’ results in exercises, quizzes, homework and tests. Add to that let them read messages between their childrens and the school staff.


Management Accounts

Allow the management team to achieve all of their tasks online including following up teachers and students. Besides controlling other accounts and contacting their team, parents and students.


School Bus Management

Ease following up school buses for the management team, school bus team, parents and students. And make sure commitment with time and registering students in each bus according to the schools system.


Direct Learning

All direct lessons explained on smart boards can be easily recorded and uploaded to E-Booklet to enable students to revise them for limitless time according to their needs.


Students Affairs

Assists in doing all tasks automatically from registering students data for the first time, to save all their documents with all types of gradual reports such as academic degree, medical reports, attendance and absence.


Students Fees

Handles every related task automatically commencing with registering fees items to paying methods and rules. Add to that sending notifications to parents and accounts’ team before paying time and on it to ensure that fees paid on time as possible.


Exams Control

Raises achievement rate while saving a lot of time and effort and ensuring accuracy in all control tasks starting from registering subjects and students to providing reports with certifications.


Immediate Feedback

To enhance students' academic level, encourage them to practice more, and save teachers’ time and effort in creating questions while providing students with a lot of quizzes and exercises.


Gate System

Depending on using QR code copied on each student ID, hence enabling gate’s supervisors to confirm students attendance and leaving time instantly to inform that to parents.


Limitless Storage

No matter how big your educational institution’s files are, your account at E_Booklet is more than enough as there are no limits on storing files whatever their type. As you can use and store any types of files.


24/7 Support

Although E- Booklet is developed according to the global criteria, if any user faced a technical issue during using it, our experienced team will be there handling that fastly.

High performance and flexible code

Guru Able is full flexible solution for your entire project development. You can easily maintain all of its module/components.

  • Neat n clean code structure.
  • Flexible module structure
  • Copy / Paste and Ready to use

Included Software Dependencies

Bower - Grunt - Sass Dependencies for easy project flow management.

  • Grunt - No need to update plugins manually
  • Grunt - Less work you have to performance
  • Sass - Most Powerful CSS extension language














Live sessions


Recorded lessons

We are available for custom work development

We at E-booklet available for custom work development with High end specialized developers.

Pricing Table

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Beginner Plan


Pay little enjoy the product for life time.

  • First basic feature
  • Second feature goes here
  • Any other third feature
  • And the last one goes here

Premium Plan


Pay only for what you use. Flexible payment options.

  • First premium feature
  • Second premium one goes here
  • Third premium feature here
  • Final premium feature